Sunday, May 9, 2010

About that poll...

Before anyone else asks, yes, I would actually try and deliver the DVD version of the winner*. I already have the raws for the series I added to the poll. However, feel free to suggest anything else, but following the following rules:

1. Series must NOT have a DVD/Bluray version with English subtitles either completed or ongoing (stalled for months is OK)
2. Series must have been subbed at some point in English (I will not translate myself, I do enough of that on current shows), and must be available for download in a reasonably accessible way. **
3. Raws must exist, and access to them must be relatively appropriate.

tl;dr version: suggest a show that was subbed, but has no DVD/Bluray version.

*: I will start this new series after I finish D4 Princess next month (first half)
**: If the group who's subs I am using objects to them being used, he/she may contact me and ask me to stop using them

Later edit: OK, forgot something important. I like anime like Needless, Nanoha, Gundam SEED, Bleach, etc. I'm a "mainstream" anime fan. I do not usually like overly experimental anime (Kuuchuu Buranko), I hate boring slow-moving plots (most Bee-Train), I don't like sports anime, and I have an aversion to ninja/samurai anime (don't know why, I just don't  like those historicalish types). Basically, I won't bother with the types of shows that get dropped by all groups for lack of interest (unless I'm personally interested), or get one group working on them (like Kuuchuu Buranko).


  1. How about:
    Seitokai no Ichizon DVD;
    Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo DVD;
    Himawari! DVD;
    Maria Holic DVD (stalled by Coalgirls);
    School Days DVD (nobody completed it);
    11eyes Blu-ray;
    Needless Blu-ray;
    Ookami Kakushi Blu-ray;
    Aoi Bungaku Blu-ray;
    Kuuchuu Buranko Blu-ray;
    Mouryou no Hako Blu-ray (Norikumi are slow)...

  2. Seitokai no Ichizon DVD: Inside info, someone's doing it
    Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo DVD: first time I've ever heard of this
    Himawari!: Hated it.
    Maria Holic: Hated it.
    School Days: All DVD episodes are on this site, through DDL:
    11eyes: more inside, may do if original planned drops
    Needless: Noted.
    Ookami Kakushi: Already claimed by my buddy. Give him some time.
    Aoi Bongaku: Hated it.
    Kuuchuu Buranko: Hated it more.
    Mouryou no Hako: Hated it.

    I appreciate your post.

  3. *sigh* Needless just a thing you noted it *sigh*

  4. Hidamari no Ki

    Also: is there some xdcc bot that holds your releases anywhere?