Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moetan (DVD) (Show rating: 8/10)

Well, isn't this unexpected? Moetan got the least number of votes, yet here it is. Well, I always thought polls were kind of boring, so in a twist ending, I've decided to do the shows based on my poll, in reverse, from least votes to most. Now isn't that something?
Now, keep in mind I didn't do all these episodes. More then half were done by MBT, but the other ones didn't have a DVD version, so I decided to use Loidan's translation as a base for those. Hope you enjoy. Also, do NOT try to resume using episode 01 by Essedus. It's not the same file.

Video: 704/848x480, h264, mkv
Audio: Japanese, stereo, vbr, AAC
Subs: English, softsubs

Torrent: Moetan (DVD) (and no, I'm not doing MU links)

PS: No, I'm not actually going through the poll in reverse. Just that the poll turned out to be redundant. I've already spoken with someone who will do Full Moon, so rather then both working on the same show, I've decided to help him. Same thing, but a little more uncertain, with Da Capo. Out of the three left, I did Moetan first because I already had 2 of 5 episodes completed. Next release by me will be for D4 Princess.


  1. Moetan is the greatest anime of all time, you were right in ignoring the poll.

  2. just found this blog
    good job, Demon ^_^

  3. Yup you da man.

    Honestly even if you dont like loli this show is just too damn funny to pass up.

  4. Now that the BD is a thing, would you consider timing the subs to that? As well as fixing typos, etc.