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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kampfer - Bluray Extras (720p)

  Since gg-remux finished with Kampfer, I decided to offer this complementary pack with all the extras (except the live action ones) These are from many sources, some with AAC some with FLAC, as I shall go in detail.

This pack contains:
1. Clean versions of the two openings and of the ending.
2. The Kampfer picture drama, subbed by Hatsuyuki.
3. Three extra scenes: Natsuru groping Shizuku, Natsuru and Akane changing (pictured above) and Shizuku's extended shower scene.
4. Clean transformations of Natsuru, Mikoto, Akane and Shizuku.

Torrent: Kampfer - Bluray Extras (720p)
MegaUpload: Kampfer - Bluray Extras (720p)


  1. Thanks, just finished downloading the gg-remux episodes, this will go nicely with them.

  2. Thank you for this, I was focused on the episodes only, totally forgot to add this in my torrent ;)

  3. Don't mention it, we're all on the same side. Looking forward for some Hidamamri from you soo. 10x for those.

  4. good....you both on the same side not same size.


  5. where do u get gg-remux episodes?

  6. guys, just want to ask some info about this special... im just confused... i already downloaded it and watched... just want to know if these specials are already complete... cuz in the description it says "except the live action ones"... and lastly how this specials breakdown in every volume of bluray... for exmaple S1 belongs to volume 1 and so on... thanks...

  7. I really don't like asking like this...

    but someone can reseed or upload on another server, megaupload is no more.

  8. hey pls the torrent and megaupload links are dead

  9. mediafire link pls...if someone get the videos try to reupload this pls...pls pls pls..the watcher of kampfer are not contented in censored boobs thats why reuploading this might help all the ppl

  10. I'd love a current link since the batch appears to be unseeded, or if this could be included in either CoalGirls or commie's batch.