Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sekirei (Bluray, 720p) (Show rating: 7/10)

  Because the Bluray box came out.
Video: 1280x720, h264, QTS
Audio: Japanese, stereo AAC
Subs: English, softsubs, Titanium

Torrent: Sekirei (Bluray, 720p)


  1. Lol I just downloaded Retrofits release a couple of days ago - looks like it's already time to replace that.

  2. Care to differentiate yours and polished subs?

  3. Any DDLs for this?

  4. Better raw, chihiro subs (less localized), includes the OVA and all the extras.

    And no, no DDL.

  5. Better raw, for now. Shit is so being replaced over the weekend.

  6. Chihiro? Ugh. :/

  7. By the way, will you be doing Strike Witches 2, since english subs are available from Crunchyroll?

  8. Are there any decent 1080p raws out there? I can't find anything other than Zero Raws ED on Naya. Sorry, but at 300mb for 720p, that's fail for me. Retrofit DVD raws have a higher bit rate. I don't know why groups insist on small file sizes for Blu-Ray. Should be CF18 minimum for 720p and less for 1080p. It does make a noticable differnce. That's why many of CoalGirls files are so large and look good (not all anymore though :<).

    That being said I DO appreciate all the work.

    Finally, Shin Koihime Musou has a beach OVA out. DL'd the Zero Raws, but since I can't speak Japanese... hoping you might take a shot at it :D

    **sorry if this double posts, but it doesn't seem the first one worked O.o.

  9. >_< Evidently I need more sleep. My mistake re: QTS (easily found on Nyaa) & got confused with something else on the 1080p ED, but question still remains about better raws. QTS isn't bad (shock at CRF19 (thought it would be 21) given fact it has both regular audio AND commentary AND is around 300mb), but not great by any means.

    Again - no complaints toward you & thanks again for the release. Better than nothing :D

  10. >_< I guess I did't get enough sleep. Found the QTS raws easy enough and I got confused on Zero Raw ED (different series). Anyway, would still like to find 1080p HQ rips if possible for personal archive.

    QTS raws are okay - better than I expected (CRF=19!? - figured on 21 given file size and dual audio), but not great.

    Of course this is no complaint towards you and again, appreciate the hard work and release :D.

  11. Thanks dmonhiro for the relase , i havent seen the show before so will give it a try :)

  12. 720p and Chihiro subs are just what I've been waiting for. I look forward to finding these via DL somewhere, someday.

    I've enjoyed the series many times with all the different subs and I think Chihiro did a unique job of conveying meaning while avoiding the two translation pitfalls of meaningless literality or losing the flavor of Japanese thinking by needlessly substituting English idioms.

    Text Examples:
    The former: "Iaigiri" (meaningless to average English speaking viewer) vs. "Cutting by drawing her sword" (conveys some meaning).

    The latter: "Even though you say so" (refreshing) vs. "Easier said than done"(tired, familiar English expression)

    There are many more examples.

    I appreciate the efforts of all our subbers. Today I sing the praises of Chihiro.

  13. I just downloaded your Sekirei and the subs are a modified polished-Titanium, not Chihiro as advertised on this page. Did you change subs and forget to update this web page, or did I goof up somewhere? The date of the file encodes match the date of the announcement on this page, July 8, 2010.

  14. In a chatbox comment Dmon said he had made a mistake when he originally claimed to have used the Chihiro subs. He has corrected this page to read Titanium subs instead.

    As of now, I don't know of any BD of Sekirei season 1 using the Chihiro subs, unfortunately.

  15. can you seed pls

  16. Would someone mind please seeding this torrent. Being stuck at 13.4% for 4 months is very disheartning. ~_~

  17. Admin or someone, please...
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