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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Status report

Alright, time for some status report. Things were a little hectic in RL for the past month, so here's the thing.

1. 11eyes is dropped. FTV-Wasurenai  is releasing a very nice 720p, which I am also downloading. As such, I see no reason to continue my work. Thank you FTV-Wasurenai for saving me the trouble.

2. Umineko No Naku Koro Ni is stalled indefinitely. I have no raws or ISOs to work with, so I have no way to release more 720p. IF raw>13 THEN release +.

3. Needless is progressing nicely. Gonna try for 3 episodes a week.

4. Dance In The Vampire Bund is in the works. I have chosen to use the Yuurisan scripts, because I liked them more. The fact that those got more votes had not actual contribution to this decision.

5. D4 Princess is going slowly, but it is in no way dropped. I will probably release this whole, or in batches of 6.

6. Haibame Renmei. What a lovely show. I actually hadn't see this before. Expect the 720p soon. I think this will also be a batch release.

7. Nurse Angel Ririka SOS and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 are both stalled for now. I'm not in the mood to work on those right now.


  1. In your copious spare time, have you considered doing a subbed release of the DVD-rips of "Saki"? As far as I can tell, no one has done that even though the DVDs have all been out for several months.

    As to Haibane Renmei, the BD is an upscale from the original DVD and the video quality is awful. (Damned shame.)

  2. The reason I'm not doing Saki DVD is because Doki is doing it. That, and I don't think it's worth is, as the DVDs are kind of crappy and not much is uncensored.

    As for Haibane Renmei, here are some pics comparing my QTS release with the best R2 DVD rip on the net.

    720p shots

    480p shots

  3. the difference was like, heaven and hell! XD can't wait for the release! XD

  4. Coalgirls released their own version. Looks almost the same, has FLAC for Japanese.... but has FLAC for English and is 13 GB.

  5. so mr.dmonhiro, your release will be single audio right? or also a dual audio? and how's the file size?

  6. Single audio. The size is 4.4 GB. I didn't even plan that. It just happened.

  7. We can only hope your mood will change soon and you'll start/re-start working on Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

  8. Thanks for the compliment DmonHiro. We should have 6 and 7 out next for 11eyes soon. As for KiteSeekers, I'm about to release the Shin Koihime Concert after we go through some encodes to choose from. Then I'm onto the beach OVA. Thanks again for the raw and 1080p one from Fuko as well.

  9. Bravo, Mr. DmonHiro, ever since coalgirls drop Dance In the Vampire Bund, I am extremely disappointed in them but you saved the day.

  10. Haven't saved it yet. I haven't released anything. I'm a little swamped, but it will get done. Unless someone beats me too it.

  11. I saw at FTV 's website that they are dissolving due to missing staff, so I don't know about 11 eyes now.

  12. Weird, nowhere on their site says anything about disbanding. What did you read?

  13. Yeah, where did you get that? We're working on the episodes as I type.