Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm getting the feeling most people aren't quite getting it.

First rejected show was a decent ecchi, second rejected show was a bad ecchi. If you didn't see this coming, you failed to recognize a simple pattern. I liked the KoiKoi7 manga, but the anime was trash. They even hype the hell out of the final battle, only to skip it entirely.


  1. Sorry, I missed when this was even an option XD

  2. Well just hope someone will pick it up people that where hopping for the 3 rejected series on here. I will at least like to watch this once on a DVD version.

  3. I saw raws of this on nihonomaru,they also have the subs there but you'll have to put the subs in yourself.

  4. Hey Dmon! Do you still get messages, and see comments posted this far back? I bought the region
    2 DVD's of this and encoded it to like 1.4 Gigs a episode?? Should I seed it?? I never could find
    the short specials on the DVD's. Perhaps they were on the Audio CD's..

    1. I can still read comments from way back.
      I actually already have DVD raws for KoiKoi7.
      I don't really know what short specials you are talking about. I was not aware there were any specials for this show.