Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let's play a game

OK, here the thing. I'm going to start workind of a DVD version of something else. Knowing me, I'm curious if you guys can guess what that anime is. I'm sorry to say, there is no real prize. Vote if you want to test your precognition powers.


  1. It can't be something I've announced already, or the sequel of something I've announced already. The answer is in the poll.

    PS: Most people seem to think I'm just a big prev, going by who's winning.

  2. By adding Pita Ten to Mitsudomoe, Hanamaru Kindergarten, and some of your other titles you will have established a niche for yourself I think, so that’s my vote. If I come up with an excellent, non-misinterpretable name for that niche, I’ll pass it on.