Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OK, it's not Full Moon Either.

I absolutely love this show, but someone else is going to (probably) do it. I have decided to do something else, something that people who read my posts on ANN/Animesuki/MAL, should have guessed by now. There's no more need for the poll either.


  1. So I am guessing it is not Pita-Ten also, well I have not watched the other show that was up on the list. Yeah I do not fallow any one on ANN or other sites besides the fansub main site (=_="). Look forward to the release and also the last episode of Mitsudomoe.

    For Full Moon I wish there was more to the ending, but that's just me XP

  2. A pity, can't remember the last group doing the DVD release since it has been so long and probably dead.

  3. @MGSaintz: it's a new group for Full Moon, not the old one.

    @ANIKI: you guess wrong

  4. Don't worry everybody, somebody or another will do Full Moon. They'd better, considering I've got transcribed a.f.k. scripts for half the show at some stage of completion. They need a lot of retiming, editing, TLC, etc. -- that's where the major time sink is.