Monday, April 25, 2011

Chrono Crusade - Extra Goodies Pack

I redid Azmaria's lessons, so you can get those from the new torrent or MU. Don't get it from the torrent with everything else.
I've been hunting down the Azmaria's Lessons for many years, and having finally found the version with the original Japanese audio (the R1 release only had English audio for Azmaria's Lessons, God knows why), I decided to share them. I also included all the other DVD extras for this great show. Let's break it down now.

(Shin) Koihime Musou (Otome Tairan) - Extra Goodies Pack

This is a collection of all the Bluray Extras from all three seasons of Koihime Musou.
Be warned, the three chibi-shorts are NOT translated.