Monday, April 25, 2011

(Shin) Koihime Musou (Otome Tairan) - Extra Goodies Pack

This is a collection of all the Bluray Extras from all three seasons of Koihime Musou.
Be warned, the three chibi-shorts are NOT translated.

The specials (one for each season) are:
1. Short chibi episode: no subtitles, 720p, h264, AAC
2. Clean opening, ending, OVA opening, OVA ending: 720p, h264, AAC
3. Slideshow. This is the image slide show present on the disks themselves. NSFW: 720p, h264, AAC
4. Calendar. These are the same images from the slide show, but with extra nudity. NSFW: 1600x1200, jpg
5. Illustartions. A collection of different illustrations present on each Bluray/DVD. Half NSFW: 1600x1200, jpg

Hope you enjoy.

Torrent: (Shin) Koihime Musou (Otome Tairan) - Extra Goodies Pack
MegaUpload: (Shin) Koihime Musou (Otome Tairan) - Extra Goodies Pack


  1. Wonderful, thank you.

  2. Thank you so much, Ive been looking for these pictures.

    And the chibi shorts are great as well.

    Are there still plans to translate them eventually?

  3. Thank you for the goodies, Dmon!

    But there is smthing I cant get: S-KM-OT OVA NCOP/ED - Where is THAT OVA itself? I cannot find any mention of it anywhere...

  4. doesn't the zero-raws release have the NCOP/ED for the OVA?

  5. they also released the ova itself as well.
    it's been up for awhile now.

  6. Hey, Dmon!

    The OVA raw can be found at
    (thanx to guys)

    interested? (hint)

  7. I'd love to understand all three chibi episodes in each season, but I don't know Japanese. That's a pity. I wonder if you could kindly translate them as well. I'm sure there will be many people like me be thankful to be able to enjoy them too. :)

  8. Can anyone seed this torrent. There are like 18 Peers and 0 Seedes. Or at least upload for DDL somewhere.
    Please and Thank You. :)

  9. Please seed or reupload ddl...

  10. Can you reupload the Extras please?

  11. can someone seed or reupload this please. really want it. thanks.