Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project status

OK guys, you wanted a project status report, here it is. Oh? You didn't? Well too bad, you're going to read it.

Active projects, in order of importance:

1. Seikon No Qwaser (with Doki fansubs): I only have 3 episodes to do, and I'll be done with this show.

2. NEEDLESS: Yes, after I finish Seikon No Qwaser for Doki, I'm going back and finishing NEEDLESS. Needles to say I'll be releasing a batch for episodes 13-24. No single torrents.

3. D4 Princess: This project has gone back to its roots. I didn't really like the first encode: it was xvid, it had a weird resolution and it had black borders. I went back and reencoded the whole freaking thing. It's 10bit now, btw. I didn't like the sub style I used either, so that's gone too.

Active Bluray projects, released in batches of 4/6/7 episodes:

1. Tiger & Bunny: The next batch of Tiger & Bunny is a long way off, and will contain episodes 08-13. That's the end of the first arc.

2. Dororon Enma-kun: I have no clue when the next volume will come out, but it will contain 4 episodes.

3. Rio - Rainbow Gate: The batch will contain the last 7 eps. No estimates on this, because I'm using someone elses subs (Howard).

Future Bluray projects, that I want to do, have prepared to do, but will drop if someone else releases the show with the same subs I want to use:

1. Sora No Otoshimono Forte: This one is an exception. I'll be releasing this one regardless of anything. I will be editing the CR subs a bit for it. I have already encoded this, and spliced in the clean OP/ED for each episode. Will release full batch only.

2. A-Channel: I know Eve-Taku is releasing their own version of the Blurays, but somehow, my encode looks better and is smaller. I also loved the show, and I think it's worth it. First batch will have 6 episodes.

3. Seikon No Qwaser II (with Doki): I signed up for season II of Seikon No Qwaser. I'll work on it in the second half of September.

In case you're wondering, these are the Bluray projects that I dropped:

1. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: I didn't think KiteSeekers would release anything past episode 1 of the Blurays. No point in releasing it.

2. Working!!: I was going to do this, but tlacatlc6 beat me to it, and used the same subs and codecs (sans 10bit).
3. Ore-tachi Ni Tsubasa Wa Nai: Howard has a 720p release. Enough said.
4. Sengoku Otome: I actually enjoyed this show, and the Bluray has tits. So what the hell? Ginseng's doing this, and with 10bit to boot. No need for me then. Thanks to katsukasa for the tip.

Other projects I really want to work on when I have the time:

1. Nurse Angel Ririka SOS DVD rip: I really want to make a decent rip of all this show. I really like it and I think it deserves better.

2. Zettai Karen Children 27-51: I've been meaning to redo my old shitty translation of this show for years now. Someday, I'll get it done.

3. Digimon Movies 3 7 6: These don't have a good DVD rip. I want to fix that.

4. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 21-49 HD rip: The DVDs are SHIT, so I want to continue where Arienai left us, with good HDTV quality. Trust me, it's much better the the blurry as hell DVDs. BTW, these are xvid. Transcoding them would lose quality.

5. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: same as above. Also xvid.


  1. There's someone actually doing Sengoku Otome BDs, did you know?

    Don't know if you've seen it, and didn't like the encode, but as I didn't see you mentioning it, thought I'd say it to you.

  2. If you're not able to access that link (lol I can't access it anymore... u.u), have a look here:

  3. Huh, I was not aware of that. I'll check it out.

  4. Sora No Otoshimono Forte will be 10-bit or 8-bit?

  5. 8bit. I made the encode a loooooooong time ago.

  6. thank for the info
    looking forward for the release

  7. DmonHiro do you mind adding Giseng's and tlacatlc6 websites to your "Anime-sites I like" categorie?

    It means ways less site searches and if your dl it yourself anyway it will benefit you aswell.

  8. Nice to know you'll be doing Forte. Any idea what sort of edits you'll be doing to the CR script?

  9. I don't remember if they had honorifics or not, but if they don't I'll be adding them. Also, eastern name order. And definitely Ikaros, not Icarus.

  10. Ok will be waiting for yours ^_^

  11. CR's Heaven's Lost Property subs did not use honorifics or Eastern name order. (Though I didn't see the problem with "Icarus" -- despite the characters' pronunciations, the subs didn't use spellings like "Uranos Queen" or "Daidalos", and nobody complained.)

    Well, whenever you get to YPC5 21-49, you know where to turn to for subs. I'm also working on extracting the Arienai subs for 1-20 to re-release DVD versions of them, in case you want to do softsubbed 720p for those eps.

  12. Well then, I'll be adding them :).
    I'm curious why you want to do DVD versions of YPC5, when the TV rip is actually higher quality. Why not just encode that in SD?

  13. Ririka would be aprecciated but what about Kodocha's second batch?

  14. That's a looooooooooong way away.

  15. Who's doing Full Moon wo Sagashite?

  16. I can't say. Litearally, I can't say.

  17. @Anon: Full Moon *may* be released by me with some good-but-not-ideal raws. Or Doki might encode it, but don't quote me or bug them about it. But progress has been made, as I now have transcribed a.f.k. scripts for all but 4 of the episodes. Most still need a ton of retiming/editing/TLC work, though.

  18. So your Sora no otoshimono have 1080p version or not??

  19. @Zalis - Tnx. Just wanted to know who's going to or plan to do it ^_^

  20. 1 is cleared and 2 is almost cleared, you are now on D4 Princess? Or we can expect some more Qwaser?

  21. Hey, Thanks for all the great work you have done. I have no idea if you take requests but here goes. Many others and I are not at all satisfied with the current BD releases of Angel Beats! Would you be willing to encode a definitive version using Mazui as the main script and include UTW/SS??

  22. I really love Nurse Angel Ririka too, and am overjoyed to see you're planning to give it a nice DVD release. When the day you're ready to work on it comes, I'd love to help out with the project in any capacity I can.