Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rio - Rainbow Gate! 01-14 (BD, 720p, AAC)

Many people dissed this show because it was stupid. I watched it knowing it was actually trying to be stupid. Also, for added fun, watch the show immagining Rio is a time lord. Trust me, you'll be able to make sense of a lot more in this show if you just watch it thinking Rio is a time lord.
Video: 1280x720, h264, mkv

Audio: Japanese, AAC, 320kbps
Subtitles: English, KiteSeekers, Howard, DmonHiro

Torrent: [DmonHiro] Rio - Rainbow Gate! (BD, 720p, x264, AAC)
            [DmonHiro] Rio - Rainbow Gate 14 (BD, 720p, x264, AAC)


  1. Did the BDs add any nudity?

  2. None that I've seen. Still hoping though.

  3. I really wish this show did try to be stupid though. No, instead it tried to be lolgrimdark and DEEP what with all that family drama. When it had moments when it was intentionally stupid, THEN it was fun. Also, trying the time lord thing.

  4. Yeah, I know, the second half got really stupid when they tried for drama. The time lord thing works for me because it explains why Rio isn't fazed by ANYTHING and can pretty much exploit anything even if she's never seed it before. The only other charatcer I know who does that is the Doctor.

  5. any ddl? mu or fs?

  6. Oh heavens, thank you very much for this! I had begun to despair of ever seeing BDs for RRG!

  7. It will take out the episode special?

  8. Thank you very much for this! Unlike most of the rest of the world, I'm eagerly awaiting the appearance of the Special...

  9. Even if they didn"t add any nudity, I prefer bluray for quality. Thanks!

    Here's hoping the v2 batch and special appear soon.

  10. OMG. I have had a completely miserable day. I lost part of a filling. My boss was freaking out to a level never before seen. I somehow managed to rack up my knee.

    And then I come home and see that you've done Ep14 of Rio Rainbow Gate!.

    Suddenly, the day doesn't entirely suck anymore. Thank you very kindly.

  11. Glad to be of help. I finally got some free time and decided to translate the episode today.

  12. Any chance of a 1-6v2 (or whole batch) link here? Approval times on BakaBT can be uncertain...

  13. Would it be possible to know what changes were made to the first 6 eps? I forget if this was one of the shows that had the whole flac+aac thingy or if it was something else. (I demuxed the flac from those releases that you made)

    Thanks for the hard work. Sad no penguindrum cause I doubt cyras does a TLCheck on the eps and lolggnothnx

  14. What is the source of all your blu ray release?

  15. just want to ask what have been edited from the episode 01-06? looks like a v2 is out..

  16. Just a better subtitle style and OP/ED changes.

  17. Any progress made on SnQ s2 DmonHiro?

  18. Oh great, your time lord suggestion has now made me interested in a show I thought I would not even add to the list. ;-)

  19. can anyone help me to download this torrent? there isn't seed. (0 seed, 0 peer) :(

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  23. please reseed the 01-06 episode