Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sora No Otoshimono - Extra Pack

In celebration of tlacatlc6 finishing the first season of Sora No Otoshimono, here are every extras ever.
Let's have a rundown, shall we?

1. The menus form the Bluray release. Includes the .mkvs with the animation, and .pngs for the still (sexy) pictures. Six in total.
2. The scans from the Bluray release. Includes the box, the story guide, the disc labels and 29 illustrations from the gallery on the discs.
3. The bonus CDs from the DVD edition. 4 CDs in all, with songs and interviews. These are 320kbps .mp3 and are not translated.
4. The main event for some: all clean openings and endings. That's 3 OPs and 14 EDs. 720p, mkv, FLAC.
5. The scans from the DVD editions. Includes the box, covers, DVD/CD labels and the postcards that came with every DVD.
6. A collection of extra videos. These include the previews, TV and DVD spot, sponsorship cards and illustrations, "cut" scenes and a separate video of Ikaros' song Fallen Down.

Torrent: Sora No Otoshimono - Extra Pack


  1. Oh sweet! I was so sad when I totally forgot to download all these extras especially the volume scans. Thank you! Oh, might as well say thanks for Nanoha, Chrno Crusade, The Sacred Blacksmith, Shugo Chara, and blah blah blah lol.

  2. can you reupload this. i get stuck at 71.9% since no one is seeding it

  3. Me too, well, at least 13 more users are stuck. Thanks...