Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A-Channel, (Show rating 7/10)

I actually loved this show. Specials later.
Video: 1280x720, x264, 10bit
Audio: Japanese, AAC, 320kbps
Subs: English, EveTaku

Torrent: A-Channel (BD, 720p, 10bit, AAC)
           +A-Channel (BD, 720p, 10bit, AAC)
            A-Channel +Smile (BD, 720p, 10bit, AAC)


  1. Yea for slice of life with no plots. No drama twist for me...

  2. It's hard to find BR rips of these. Just wish it had FLAC audio, however this is the only 10bit rip I can find right now and AAC 320k isn't bad anyway.

    Tried the Virus123 rips and the PQ was pretty bad... but I'm also spoiled.

    Love the show, thanks for doing this.

  3. >2011
    >not using FLAC
    >allowing a great show to be destroyed by rotational velocidensity

  4. >2011
    >vaguely heard that FLAC > AAC, actually knowing NOTHING about audio encodes
    >still bitching

    thank you DMon for not wasting bit rate with FLAC!
    with love

  5. >allowing a great show to be destroyed by rotational velocidensity
    I like your style

  6. Where your;s SnO:F?

    Mada kanna

  7. Thanks, but shouldn't the specials be...amrked as specials?

  8. They are. They have an extra "+" in the title.

  9. I actually prefer AAC for 720p but not many groups using it.

    For 1080p I can understand using FLAC, but for ~300MB of video at 720p, adding 250MB of placebo-quality-FLAC audio is kinda stupid while AAC only takes 50MB and sound identical to normal human ears. Note I used 'normal human ears' here if someone has super human ears then by all means enjoy the bloated FLAC files.

    Keep doing AAC for your release please, thank you for A Channel, sick of waiting for Doki to finish this already.

  10. I want to ask where can i download your koihime musou ova BDrip? your link above connect me to bakabt but not have ova version in there.

    I waant to download via torrent

  11. I fixed the link, you may go download now.