Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ikoku Meiro No Croisee (BD, 720p, 10bit) (Show rating: 7.5/10)

This was a very cute and relaxing show. Yune is adorable in everything she does, especially when she's being stubborn. While Claude acts like a jerk sometimes, he's the classic tsundere: he always feels bad about it and tries to fix it. I especially loved Alice, the French prototype for the otaku. Hope you enjoy the show.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sacred Seven (BD, 720, 10bit, AAC) (Show rating: 8/10)

I liked this show very much. While the story wasn't something great, I enjoyed the character interactions and the battles. Kenmi was an excellent villain with absolutely no redeeming quality, they type you love to hate. My only complaint is that the Dark Stone forms looked much better then the Soul Stone ones. There were a few things left unexplained, but I'm pretty sure they'll talk about it in the OVA. If you enjoyed stuff like s-CRY-ed, you'll enjoy this as well. Happy viewing.