Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Digimon Adventure 02 - Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! (Rating: 6/10)

First part of the story. Was also featured in the SHITTY American chop-job, but the original actually makes sense. I stand corrected. It doesn't make any goddamn sense in Japanese either.
Now, this is the first part of the story, but it's kind of boring. Nothing really happens and nothing is truly exciting. I am curious as to what happened to Chocomon, but other then that... yeah, it's no Our War Game where the stakes were really high. 

Video: 704x396, xvid (yes, your read that right)
Audio: Stereo, AC3, 384kbps
Subtitles: Made my own. WPP and UTA were GODAWFUL.

Torrent: Digimon Adventure 02 - Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!


  1. Can't wait for part 2!

  2. The Digimon: The Movie version may have been torn to pieces and stuck together, but honestly, it's probably no worse than the original, and it gets bonus points for at least being shorter and not having godawful Engrish. And the original making sense is arguable at best.

    The only really offensive thing about the dubbed version was that it started infecting Our War Game.

    1. No, I think you're making a mistake. Digimon: The movie, the Japanese version and Digimon: The movie, the American version are two different things. The original Japanese version was included in the American version, but was left pretty much untouched, video wise. Our War Game was also a little edited compered to the original, but it wasn't that bad. The big problem came in the third part, where Fox cut out pretty much the reason why the children were going after Wallace in the first place: the old chosen children were taken by Chocomon. Every instance of that was cut out of the American version, so the third part of that POS was just fighting, with no explanation as to why. Also, the part about going back in time to when the virus was weak was completely made up by Fox Kids.

    2. true the two part 3rd film was an odd choice when they had a 02 movie that did have Diablomon in Movie 04

    3. No I wasn't making any mistakes, maybe I poorly phrased that? When I said "The Digimon: The Movie version" I meant the dubbed version of this movie that was included in "Digimon: The Movie", not the part at the beginning where they first meet an Agumon. I was arguing in favour of the dub, and saying that despite being edited and stitched together like hell, it was still better/only just as bad as the japanese version, and at least the dub version was shorter.

      But looking at your edit and other posts recently, it seems you understood what I meant, and agree that the English version is bad, but the Japanese version is bad, AND doesn't make any sense.

      To Jeff Nimoy's credit (he was one of the smarter and cooler people working on the Digimon Adventure/02/Movie dubs, he also directed the dub for Data Squad), he didn't want to throw this part into The Movie, anyway. He thought it was too confusing and boring.

  3. Replies
    1. Because I couldn't find a DVD ISO for this. I was able to find a pretty good raw, and there was no point in reencoding it to h264, as I would have lost quality.

    2. I have the ISO, I could up it somewhere if you want.

  4. Yay, thank you very much for this. Can't wait for part 2. And yay for xvid. <3

  5. If anyone's curious about what they say at the very, very end, I'm pretty sure it's...

    All: "Digimon Adventure Zero Two!"

    Wallace: "To be Continued!!"

    Girl: "In Japanese!"

    All: "To Be Continued."

  6. OMG thank you for releasing this movie, the other subs were horrible! *cries* I have the hope that with actual translations, this movie will make more sense (probably not)

  7. Thank u,these movies were so hard to find.

  8. Can I request a seed for this and part 2 please? I would greatly appreciate it ^_^

  9. Seeing as it may have helped for part 2 (or maybe I was just lucky), is there anyone around who might be able to seed this?