Saturday, July 21, 2012

Digimon Adventure 02 - Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals (Rating: 5/10)

This movie makes LESS sense then the English dub. At least they made up a bullshit explanation as to what was going on. The original has nothing. Stuff just happens, and then it's over.
I mean, really, this movie was pointless. I wanted to translate it because the two fansubs I could find (WPP and UTA) had horrible guesslations and the story didn't make any sense. Well, I translated it, and the story STILL doesn't make any sense. Oh well, at least it's got higher audio/video now.

These questions and more will not be answered in the movie:
1. What the hell happened to Chocomon in the first place?
2. Since when could Angemon and Angewomon evolve to Ultimate?
3. Why didn't they just do that in the first place?
4. Why didn't they just FIGHT in their Ultimate forms?
5. Why could Chocomon turn back time?
6. If they killed Chocomon inside the monster, why did the monster turn into Chocomon and then die?

Video: 704x396, xvid (yes, your read that right)
Audio: Stereo, AC3, 384kbps
Subtitles: Made my own. WPP and UTA were GODAWFUL.

Torrent:  Digimon Adventure 02 - Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals


  1. Eh, even if they added a (stupid) reason for what was going on in the "dub" (if you can call it that; the term "dub" seems to imply that there's some level of faithful translation/adaption), I still can't say that the American changes made it any better.

    That said, it's definitely not a great film for many reasons (Daisuke's overdramatic crying scene, the lack of plot exposition, etc.), but I am thankful for your brand new, accurate translation (for this and the Tamers film).

    1. Oh, I'm in no way saying the English dub was good. But I was kind of hoping the original would make some sense.

    2. Nah, I get what you mean, and I agree.

      Speaking of "not making sense," I think it's hilarious how the final shot of the film is of Wallace and his two Digimon, except that he looks absolutely miserable. Like, wow, I'm glad you went through such a huge ordeal just to be sad in the end.

    3. That's cause he's thinking "Shit, I barely have enough money to feed ONE of these things... "

  2. Are you going to sub the other Digimon Tamers Movie?

  3. Also I have to wonder if the person who did the music direction for this movie was completely and utterly deaf.

    Angemon and Angewomon's first and only ultimate evolution set to the most mellow music on the planet? The movie's titular evolutions with no music at all? The entire battle set to... awkward acoustic guitars? What the hell. Even the English dub was better scored than this.

    1. Yeah, you sure got that right. While it's true that the plot is also an incomprehensible mess, I think the music was the main thing that really ruined this movie for me. Like, seriously, I was practically falling asleep during what was supposed to be the exciting climax of the movie, just because the music was so mind-numbingly dull.

    2. To be fair, it's not Takanori Arisawa's fault. The rest of his score for Adventure-Frontier is some of the best background music ever recorded. But he can only make whatever kind of music the director tells him he wants. I have a feeling the director watched a TON of Cowboy Bebop before signing onto this film, which is why Aoi Tada (Ed) was cast as Terriermon and why there's so much calm, acoustic, western-style music.

      Personally, the Japanese music from this movie has kind of grown on me a little. If nothing else, it makes certain scenes *very* creepy.

  4. To be fair, not answering questions seems to be a pattern in the digimon movies.

    1: What happened to the original greymon?
    2: Where did diablomon come from?
    4: Why are all the random kids suddenly cheering for Davis and Ken?
    5: How does Omegamon being here following apocalymon's data fit into the timeline and how is he travelling between dimensions?
    6: How was dukemon able to reach crimson mode without grani? Or rather, how was it able to reach non-crimson mode after merging with grani and why didn't it just go to crimson mode immediately?
    7: How did ancientgreymon and ancientgarurumon get sealed in that city anyway?

    Though no movie takes it as ridiculously and annoyingly far as this movie. Plus, the music. Seriously, what the hell was up with that?

    1. Almost forgot to add: Thanks for translating the movie parts. While the movie is stupid, I'm glad that I can finally appreciate its stupidity in better a/v/translation.

    2. 1. Word of God said that he died during the battle.
      2. The internet?
      3. There is no question 3.
      4. My guess is that they knew they were the partners of the digimon battling.
      5. A Wizardmon did it.
      6. Crimson mode is a powerup, like Beelzemon's blast mode. And both can switch them on/off at will.
      7. Another Wizardmon did it.
      8. Pheonix Downs?

    3. Better answer for number 2- In the movie Koshiro explains that his friend from Russia analyzed the digiegg he hatched from and said it came from various computer viruses that had merged together.

      I got another question to add to that list: Where did BelialVamdemon and Diablomon's freaky spider form come from if they were already at Ultimate level?

    4. 1: Well that is damn sad. It also makes the ending credits where tai and greymon reunite... weird.
      2: With the status of the internet, you'd expect that by 02 the world would have been flooded by diablomons :P
      3: The questions correlate with movie numbers, and this is movie 3 (which you had already listed plenty of good questions for)
      4: Well, the partners weren't battling, but I guess wormmon and v-mon could have explained things (besides, that scene was awesome)
      6: So why did dukemon wait so damn long to turn it on?

      @Ken: Ultimate-level digimon can actually evolve further, but only into other ultimates (plus there's technically a level above ultimate, but that can only be reached in special circumstances). Most evolutions at this level got something special though (like fusions or mode changes), so plain ol' evolutions are rare.

    5. To answer #1 for you, I believe the first movie was supposed to be a tie-in prequel that shows their back history, which they constantly mentioned and shown during the first season. If my memory served correctly, the engineers who created the eggs and crests for the Chosens purposely deployed them into Odaiba and then recalled them back after the fight as a test experiment to determine the (then) future Chosens. That ending is to just show that Taichi ended up meeting the Greymon again through either either A. That's the same Agumon/Greymon, but had been reborn to be made as his partner OR B. to symbolize that he met (a) Greymon again, but a different one (which kinda counts as in him meeting the Greymon again but in spirit?). Japanese usually tends to be very shrewd and cryptic with their endings and symbolisms.

  5. 7. How could Wallace find Chocomon's DigiEgg at the end of the movie when Chocomon was killed in the real world? Digimon who die in the real world typically stay dead... Well, unless their name is Vamdemon, I mean.

    1. Well... technically, you could argue that Chocomon was killed in the real world, but while it was modified by whatever it was possessing his, so I guess... A Wizardmon did it?

  6. To answer some of Dmon's original questions:

    2, 3, 4. Every Anime movie based on a show has their characters doing something in that movie that they don't do in the series. If you're really gonna ask these questions then ask "Since when can WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon combine into another Digimon?" "Why didn't they combine from the start?" However these "Movie Abilities" are usually only used when they're needed, and the characters don't know that they're needed or even that they can be done until they are used.
    5. He wasn't turning back time, he was just de-aging the children; there is a difference. As to how he could do it, this isn't explained until Frontier, but Chocomon's Ultimate form, known as Cherubimon, is an Angel-Type Digimon, and Angel Digimon have other powers beyond their normal attacks.
    6. Chocomon is and always has been the monster. The "Monster" was the result of whatever it was that happened to Chocomon in the first place. His heart was darkened and frozen, ultimately creating an "evil version" of him, which took more and more control with each evolution. However, his real self was still there, buried in his sub-conscious, which is what Magnamon and GoldenRapidmon attacked. And yes I made GoldenRapidmon up. With his real self destroyed his evil self could no longer function, so his body reverted to his normal state just before disintegrating.

    1. I don't know, the fusion in War Game, while an ass-pull, was somewhat explained as being the fusion of the children's, who were watching the battle, souls/energy.

    2. The evolution in war game was never set up, but it made sense according to the in-universe rules. There was an exceptional direct threat and an exceptional amount of emotion, which would explain an evolution, and a unique situation, which would explain why it was a new evolution. If there was any possibility of another evolution, this was where it'd show up and it did, so its believable.

      Direct Threat: Nuke, thousands of hostile digimon, destroyed
      Emotion: Crying Tai and Matt, hope of thousands of children
      Unique Situation: Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon heavily damaged (they were defeated twice by devolution attacks and once by being turned into puppets. They were never defeated through sheer damage while side-by-side) plus the aforementioned thousands of children.

      The problem is that angemon (why doesn't holyangemon ever do anything in the movies anyway?) and angewomon can just decide to go mega, despite there being no exceptional direct threat, emotion or unique situation (well, the kids were getting younger, but that doesn't really relate to the evolution).

    3. Yeah, but Angemon and Angewomon are Angel Digimon, and like I said earlier, Angel Digimon have special abilities beyond their normal attacks, so if they want to evolve to Ultimate for no reason, they have that right. Speaking of Angel Digimon, if Seraphimon is the Ultimate form of Angemon, and Cherubimon is the Ultimate form of Chocomom/Antiramon, shouldn't Ophanimon be Angewomon's Ultimate form? However in Hurricane Touchdown her Ultimate form is Holydramon, which is some sort of Dragon-dog, so where the heck did Ophanimon come from? When she's reborn at the end of Frontier, it's Angewomon's child form, but it's the wrong Ultimate form. Did the developers forget they already gave Angewomon an Ultimate form or something?

    4. Digimon tend to have more than one possible evolution paths, especially when considering different continuities. Similarly, the whole special angel powers seems to be mostly a frontier thing. Angel digimon in adventure never really demonstrate special powers. Sure, they're incredibly powerful and have a couple of tricks (healing and gathering energy from other digimon), but nothing as ridiculous as suddenly going to ultimate. Even in the movie itself, why would they wait until that very moment to go to ultimate?

    5. Ophanimon was created laters, when they decided that yes, it really WAS stupid to make Holydramon Tailmon's Ultimate. So now Ophanimon is the official Ultimate level of Tailmon.

  7. Okay, so I'm not the only one who had no idea what was happening.

  8. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much.even though it makes no sense,al least some one still did it better than the other groups.

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