Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preview: Buddy Complex (Following)

Welcome to my new preview section. I know the season has already started. I'll be doing a preview of one episode for each new series that is not a sequel. Hope you enjoy. I'll be doing these in the order they were released.
Buddy Complex is the new mecha anime by Sunrise. This one seems a little more traditional, if you excuse the time travel. Main pilot is not a massive insecure idiot, which is a plus. While the coupling system does make the show seems a but gay, the main pilot is anything but. He already has a crush on a girl, and has already shown much more competence in one episode then most mecha protagonists show in an entire season.

- amazing OST for the coupling system
- protagonist who, so far, is not useless
- the designs of the robots are more realistic then usual

- Sunrise mecha anime tend to collapse in on themselves
- potential shity ending, like all mecha anime by Sunrise in the last 5 years
- time travel mechanics could screw up the plot badly

Recommended subtitles: Commie or Anime-Koi
Verdict: I would continue watching this. The protagonist is pretty decent, and I'm interested in how they handle the time traveling aspect. I suspect a bitter-sweet ending, since the protagonist and the girl cannot end up together because of the time loop.

   Girl drops eraser, he catches it before it hits the ground.

   Girl drops herself, he catches her before she hits the ground.

 Extremely skilled as basketball. Seems physically fit.

Escapes mecha on bicycle. Leaves friends behind because he's the one targeted.


  1. All of your pros are for things that are already in the anime, and all of your cons are for things that MIGHT happen later in the series. So that means at the moment, Buddy Complex is pretty good?

    1. Well, yeah, since this is based on a single episode. I'm basing the cons and some of the pros on my experience watching anime.
      And yes, I would continue watching Buddy Complex.