Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preview: Recently, My Sister In Unusual (Not following)

The incest show on the season. Not as bad as the rest for the simple fact that the sister does NOT want to bone the brother. And yes, that's the official English title.
Of course, they are not related by blood, but that doesn't matter. The girl does not want to bone the brother. She is, howeever, possessed by the ghost of a girl who does. Said ghost can hijack her body and try and get in the brother's pants. Lucky she can be booted back out of the body just as fast. The comedy comes from the chastity belt the ghost put on the girl. Did I mention this is an ecchi anime?

- sister is not in love with brother
- the girl on ghost action is pretty hot
- may actually have a plot
- ED is insane, in a good way

- sister might fall in love with brother
- the toilet humor is only funny once
- TV broadcast is censored as hell

Recommended subtitles: Scribbles
Recommendation: I would probably not continue to watch this simply because the TV airing is censored. I will wait till there is a bluray rip available.

Brother actually having a good reason to walk in on sister.

Sister does not like the brother that much.

Buy the blurays.

Ghost on girl action. Actually serves a point.

This was amusing, but I hope they stop it.

The ending. Might be relevant to plot though.

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