Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preview: Space Dandy (Not following)

He's a dandy, in space. Newest show by Watanabe Shinichi. Honestly, that's the only reason it's getting so much hype. It seems to be aimed more at an American audience. It also airs dubbed in America a few hours before Japan.
OK, let's get something out of the way first: this is not Cowboy Bebop in space. Many people were thinking it would be, in spite of the fact that Watanabe himself has said numerous times that he wants this to be a funny stupid adventure. So far, the only bit of plot we have is that Dandy, an alien hunter, somehow holds a secret that could influence the fate of the universe. The bad guys want it. That's it so far. The animation is gorgeous for episode 1 at least, and the alien battle on that asteroid is amazing to look at. That being said, so far it offers nothing else, since the comedy is mediocre. Be careful about the dub though. While it sounds OK, they have made a few mistakes in translating some lines.

- superb animation during the action scenes
- designs of aliens are very varied and quite detailed
- has great potential
- fanservice (humans)

- little to no plot, and no evidence that it will develop one
- was hyped as hell, but does not live up to it
- has the potential to go absolutely nowhere
- fanservice (aliens)

Subtitles/English dub: Commie (it's dual audio)
Recommendation: On the fence. It will most likely go nowhere, but it might have the budget to continue giving us such amazing animation. But other then that, there is no reason for me to keep watching in an already crowded season.

That's a lot of different alien designs.

Perhaps a little too many.

The battle between the aliens were beautifully animated.

VERY nicely animated.


  1. This series isn't bad, but given the fact it is supposed to "save anime" I find it to be severely lacking. I never expected another Bebop, but I expected something better than this. Over hyped...WAY over hyped.

  2. People shouldn't have gone in thinking it was the next Cowboy Bebop (I didn't).