Saturday, August 23, 2014

Introducing full series releases

I've decided to add a new section, so to speak. Full series releases will be just that: series, usually older, that will be released all at once, instead of on a per-volume basis. These are technically back-burner projects, so they have no set dead-line. I don't know how long they will take. The reason for this is that sometimes I get bored. I have two FSRs planned, and started.

1.Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince: This one's special, as it will be 1080p only. The reason for that is that I do not have access to any type of BDMV, but some really great 1080p raws have been released on Nyaa. I don't want to re-encode from those raws, because it always degrades the quality, so for this one time, it will be 1080p. The subs will be from Commie.

2. Koi Koi Seven: JIGGYSUB has released the entire show recently. The size is huge, but that's not really the problem. The subtitles are very bad. The editing is very poor, and it is full of translation errors. I mean FULL of them. Let me give you this jewel from episode 4: "Just because Miya-ama is having her period in the toilet who will dispense Justice?" Yes... "having her period in the toilet". Actual line "Just because Miya-sama is away does not mean you can all start slaking!". I did also re-encode the video to a more acceptable level without loosing too much video quality. I hate doing that, but 1.5GB per 480p episode is a little much for me. Quality is 90% that of the original, so I don't think you'll have anything to complain about. Not that I'd listen anyway. BIG thanks to JIGGYSUB for providing a great DVD source for this.

So yeah, I have no ETA for these two projects, but expect them eventually.


  1. I have yet to watch koi koi seven. Good thing you made this post :) I'll hold off on watching it til you release your version.

  2. Good idea! Too much good series "lost" in the time and too few people want to bring back them to show us. Thanks!

    1. Don't get your hopes up. I won't be doing any shows that never got English subs.

  3. Jiggysub...dat's me. Yep I said " all mistakes in translation are free!!! I used someone else's subs and worked on them from there. I'm sure I did not catch all of them. Yep an you are also free to re-encode them to a smaller size. I wanted those files to be the best quality I could get from the DVD's. They got bigger because I sharpened them, and probably set the quantizer at like 11. So cool! I'm just glad I actually got them on the internet.

    I have burn up W and Excess from Laserdiscs, around 900 gb's a pop, Ultraviolet r2 dvd's with still bein worked on subs, I want to , or have to do Eibichu, but that is barely started. I have Digi Charat Specials R2 DVD's as well with subs still needing work. I re-did Galaxy Angels season 1 from R2 DVD's. I also remastered Ghost Sweeper Mikami from Laserdiscs, that is a huge project I'm still workin on.....hmmmmm what else...... Oh Momoiro Sisters, which I think I have all the subs extracted from hardsubs, but still need working on. So I work to the best of my one man show abilities. Oh yeah Dirty Pair DVD's R2, which is some ridiculous 45 GB's or so in size!!! I assure you they look far better than Sentai- Mikami and Dirty Pair.

  4. MJP! With Commie subs! I love you!

    Also, considering I wasted an year or so with Maze, I may as well wait for you to finish.

  5. All DVD torrents for KoiKoi 7 seem dead,I've even looked at foreign trackers. Can't even find the raws, besisdes zero-raws from ep1-6. jiggysubs also dead links. I'm sure some people would appreciate it now. Only torrent still alive is the bakabt one. Some foreign trackers list they have one seed but I'm not getting anything.