Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Season lists

There's been a lack of activity from me, and you can blame it on the ever present threat of laziness.
Anyway, since the current season is drawing to a close I though I'd make a little list that may or may not help people. The list is of all the shows that aired this season except for the short 5 minute one and the ones for small children. The list contains the groups I thing have the best release for that show. Even if I didn't watch the show, I still checked it out, so I have a decent idea of who had the best release. Except for the gay shows, for which I don't care enough to check. I will update it with the groups working on a bluray release, if such a group will exist. Last is my interest in a bluray release. Note that is it not my interest in DOING a bluray release, just weather or not I consider that particular series worthy of a bluray treatment. Also, in the BD group column, if after a group name there is "(?)" it means the group announced but has not yet released any BD.
Now, here's what everything means:
Yes =  I've seen all of it.
No = I started it, but didn't finish it. I kept it.
No = Didn't watch it, but I'm downloading it.
No = Refuse to watch it, or dropped it and deleted it.