Saturday, November 8, 2014

Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii (Series rating: 8/10)

This is not an official DmonHiro release. These are just Anime-Koi's subtitles timed to the 720p raws from YYDM-11FANS. Also, props for them for also including chapters. No idea why people don't use chapters for their raws, they are right there on the BD.
Turns out they don't have chapters. I must have added them myself months ago and forgot about it.
Anyway, just download the subs, download the raws from the torrent posted, and put everything in the same folder. Enjoy.

YYDM-11FANS 720p BD raws.
Anime-Koi subtitles timed to raws.

About the show: I loved it. Nike is awesome, and Levi is badass. They work great together, even though Levi starts off as a bit of an ass.

PS: I'm still in hiatus. This was done some time ago.


  1. Hi dmonhiro, I have a request. (Not a "please sub xx show"). It's something else.

    Remember that softsubbed dvd torrent from the group (Y-A) for the first precure season that was released? Well, one of my favorite animes is sugar sugar rune and softsubbed dvd torrent was put on nyaa torrents: ( BUT NO ONE'S ADDING IT TO BAKABT! It seems to have gone unnoticed unlike that precure torrent. I really think it should replace the old torrent (

    This is where my request comes in. I know you from precurelivejournal, because you worked on the yes precure 5 subs. I've also seen you have a bakabt account. (I don't have one, because I'm not always able to meet their seed ratio, though I try). Could you please upload this torrent or notify the people on bakabt of the existence of it? I don't want to see this release go to waste and it's already running low on seeds.

    Thank you for reading and sorry if I rambled too much.

    CureClover from livejournal

    1. I can notify people, but I don't upload to BakaBT, because it literally takes MONTHS to get anything approved, and only if it has a description to their liking.

    2. Crap, no seeds. It said there were 2 on nyaa. I downloaded from it a while ago, so I have all of the files, but I don't know if that will help.
      *Edit* I tried downloading the torrent again and there are two seeds, but it's slow. I'll download it again and seed some more this time. (My first files have already been renamed and put on my hard drive.)
      If you could notify people, that'd be nice.