Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Akiba's Trip - The Animation (Series rating: 6/10)

Another show that wasn't very popular. You guys starting to see a pattern here? Anyway, GONZO is back from the dead again. Sadly, I was kind of dissapointed by this show. With a premise like that I expected far more nudity. At least the jokes were decent. But only decent.

Update: Attention! This was NOT encoded from BDMV. This is a downscale from the [アニメBD] raws. I don’t normallt do this but honestly do not expect a BDMV of this show to ever surface.

Edit: Used the wrong scripts for episode 02. Grab the good version here:


  1. Maybe there is now hope for season 3 of Rosario+Vampire lol.

  2. The tinyupload link doesn't seem to work for me... Can you double check the link?

    1. it really doesn't work, can you help us to mirror it to somewhere else like gdrive or mega

  3. nvm, turn out its due to download manager, manage to get using curl, thanks for your hard work