Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dimension W (Series rating: 7/10)

Another show with a fantastic premise and great 1st half. Sadly they had no idea what to do for the 2nd half and it fell flat. Still worth it just for Mira. Using DameDesuYo subs for 01-12 and official subs for 13. No subs for the chibi specials where Mira finds out she might be a masochist.

Edit: I forgot to upload the fonts so click here to download them.


  1. Thanks and good to see you back. You seem to be doing all the shows i'd given up on getting blu-ray versions of (so thanks again).

  2. The mkv doesnt seem to come with the required font to display subs properly

    1. Huh.... that's certainly something I forgot about. My current stuff uses the same font as HR, but I forgot about the ones that I made last year. I appologize hope this font pack will help you.