Monday, August 21, 2017

I have returned from the void

OK, fine, I'm bringing the blog back. Just keep in mind that none of the old torrent links will work anymore since the original Nyaa is dead.

There are going to be some changes around here. Well, not on the blog, but on the way I do my releases. Those of you who've already downloaded some (all 10 of you) will have already notices.

1. External subs. I find that external subs are far more usefull to me then internal ones. If there's an error you can just fix it real quick. No need to remux. You don't like the font? Change it. Subs too high? Change it. Font too small? Change it.

2. Official subs. I will be using official subs for 90% of my new releases. Of course, where available. I won't be using fansubs unless absolutely necesarry. Official subs are far easier to match with BD episodes. Don't ask about translated OP/ED/insert song. I dislike the screen clutter. Some releases might still have those because I never bothered to remove them. But I will never add them myself.

3. Naming. I have forgone naming things the usual way and will release them with the exact same filenames I archive them with: "## - Episode Titile.mkv".

4. Links. I'll be using magnet links now. Just click anywhere on the text of the post.


  1. Very nice to see you back my good sir. :)

  2. Welcome back :)

  3. I have always had faith...

  4. Welcome back. Why not use mega?

    1. Because it's too much of a bother. I download through torrents, so I only upload through torrents. You're free to upload my stuff whereever you want though.