Monday, October 2, 2017

Kemono Friends (Series rating: 8/10)

EDIT: I have made a mistake. 11 & 12 are the downscales I used to shift the subs. They should not have been released. I’m going to leave this torrent up and upload the last volume separately. Sorry about this.

Here it is. The unexpected hit that won hearts over. It’s sweet, it’s cute, it’s popular to boot. It also looks like crap but we don’t care. Come and be a friend.
PS: I hope the 2nd season is still good even though none of the original creation team remains.


  1. I'd still like a reupp of 11&12. Can't use Furenzu - bad Encode, laggy af on SM912 with Libreelec, though I can play uhd hdr x265 encodes just fine. (Also plz move on to recaptcha v3)

    1. Furenzu looks better then mine. I have no idea why it won't work for you. I no longer have the BDMV and have no intention on redownloading it.