Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry (Movie rating: 8/10)

I was going to do my own subs but then I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Since a kind anon uploaded the subs from Netflix with the help of an incredible man named Yeopas (whom you should thank), I’m just going to use those. The movie was pretty cool though inconsecquential. It was a fun ride and it was nice to see the charatcers kicking ass. I do love that since a certain charatcer could not be present in the movie they had someone else use his attacks. Got to represent I guess.


  1. Thank you for this (and the people that you mentioned in the OP) and for the previous 2 series! Hopefully it was nothing serious and you are feeling better.

    Hope you have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Can you upload Detective Conan Movie 21 The Crimson Love Letter?

  3. I am really not a big fan of Fairy Tail and doesn't have high hopes for the movie either, but I am gonna tag along since I have watched the series until now. However, I think this like the series and the previous movie, is gonna be fun and have many funny + action moments. I hope we can see some NaLu moments. That's what people really want.

    Thanks for the movie at Christmas, and even if it's very late, Happy new fappy year. I will try to seed at least double size of the file so many more lozers, ehm anime fans, can enjoy the movie. :D