Monday, December 18, 2017

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Series rating: 8.5/10)

You like butts? I'm sure you do. The reason why I enjoyed this show so much is because it treated it's fanservice sport 100% serioulsy. Everyone watching that sport was not there to see T&A, they really wanted to see the sport. And the fact that they "expalied" the tecniques and the rules was pretyy cool. There's a lot of things you can make fun of, but they really tried to make this show memorable and I think they did.  Subs from CR. Specials not translated.


  1. Thanks for finishing up another series that has been stuck in limbo. Any chance you might consider doing Princess Principal once the remaining discs are available? As I tend to prefer your work over other groups it would be nice to see you release it.

  2. Can I ask you for embedded fonts for this?