Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rage Of Bahamut - VIRGIN SOUL (Series rating: 4/10)

Let’s go on an adventure. The world of RoB is a vast place where three separate races are in constant war. But all three feel the threat of Bahamut, the legendary immortal dragon, the destroyer of the world. Only when the three races unite can they stand a chance against what is essentially a force of nature. Join our brave adventurers as they explore this world and go on dangerous adventure in the search for a way to stop this ultimate evil. You’ll grow to love these young men and women and at the end you’ll realize that the greatest adventure awaits only those who… Huh? What? This isn’t Rage of Bahamut? This is Rage of Bahamut - Virgin Soul? I’m sorry, let me start over.
Let’s go and get disappointed. The world of Virgin Soul is a BS kingdom ran by literally anime Hitler who does terrible things in order to ensure the survival of the human race. Said horrible things don’t actually factor into the plan at all though. Join our lovable heroine Nina as she goes from a fun loving and quite dangerous adventurer to a whiny, love-struck imbecile who doesn’t care that you are enacting genocide as long as you’re a hot king in a story as poorly written as the Twilight sequels. Marvel at how much the writer of this season hates the previous characters and find new ways to make them as miserable as possible while making the actual bad guy of the show suffer minor injuries and yet still be praised a hero even though his plan was shit and it ultimately amounted to absolutely nothing, because hey… girls need their bad boys. Man, I sure hope you don’t like Jeanne too much. Or Kaisar…
tl;dr: This show sucked. Started off great and devolved into a mess with a retarded plot that was pointless. And I really do think we were supposed to sympathize with the douche of a king. Worst sequel ever.