Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In Another World With My Smartphone (Series rating: 6/10)

This was considered the worst series of the season by many. I don't know why. There were definitely worse series. Anyway this is your basic guy-gets-transported-into-another-world-and-is-incredibly-overpowered-and-gets-a-harem anime. But unlike the rest this one takes a different path. There's no epic quest. There's no demon out to destroy the world. It's just one OP guy going on side-quest with his harem. There's no real conflict or danger it's basically a SOL using side-quests you ignored during the main game an are now over-leveled for. It's calming. Also all the girls in the harem like each other and have no problem sharing. All in all it's an average, harmless show that got way too much hate for some reson.


  1. Was there any TS, OP/ED? Or just straight Official Subs rip to BDs?

  2. Dunno why ppl hates this show. As you said, its pretty calming, yet can give good laugh from time-to-time. Thx for the BD rip!