Sunday, March 24, 2019

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (Series rating: 10/10)

Ririka is just your average 10 year old girl. She spends time with her best friend Seya, and has a crush on her senpai. But little does she know that Kanou-senpai is actually an agent from another world sent here to save our planet from the evil of Black Joker. He is searching for the legendary Nurse Angel, the only one who can use the green vaccine to destroy the black vaccine used by Black Joker. And would you know it? Ririka just happens to be Nurse Angel.
If you haven’t figured it out, this is a magical girl series not unlike many before it, right? WRONG! This series is harsh. Before there was Madoka there was Ririka.
Ain’t no easy fights here. The dark side has unlimited supplies of the black vaccine but the green vaccine is very limited. And you ain’t finding any more. The battles are hard fought and nobody’s walking away without at least some pain. And guess what? Your family isn’t safe and the bad guys WILL go after them. The story starts off harsh but ends up fucking BRUTAL by the end. It’s a mahou shoujo as written by Nietzsche. Give the poor girl a break.
This show had a pretty high viewer count when it aired. Just one problem: it was the wrong viewers. The sponsor was a toy company who wanted to sell to kids. The viewers were mostly adults because the story was pretty girl and damn well written. Sponsors were not happy. Neither were the viewers, for the most part. The last two episodes just curbstomp your heart into the ground and then set it on fire.
PS: I am not that happy with the way this looks, but it’s DVD so there’s not much I can do about the encode. So as a one time deal, since I adore this show, I will be uploading a DVD remux of this. The .vob files with subs in .mkv. No encoding whatsoever.