Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Fate Apocrypha (Series rating: 7/10)

The Holy Grail War is a sacred battle between 7 masters. Each mage summons a servant from one of the seven classes and fight for the Holy Grail. The survivor will be granted a wish. While some servant classes are stronger then others anyone has a chance to win. So what happens if, before the war begins, you use politics, magic and trickery to get all seven masters on the same side and guarantee that the war ends in one hour, tops? Basically, the Holy Grail says “Fuck you!” and summons seven more masters and servants to fight with the first team of seven. Didn’t see that coming, huh, master planner. But wait, there’s more! Did you know there is an 8th class? You did? Avenger, you say? Sorry, wrong universe. Enter the Ruler class. A special class that needs no master (sort of) and who has the duty to observe the Holy Grail War to make sure the rules are followed. Spoiler: didn’t do a very good job this time. The Ruler class is basically the Saber class on steroids. And this particular Ruler servant is basically Saber with a flag. Since this war was fucked from the start, delve into a complete free for all as 15 characters duke it out for the grail, with more incoming.
This show is a bit of a mess, but an enjoyable mess. The story is a bit lackluster and the final antagonist is… pretty much a fanfic character who somehow got written into the story. But we do have some amazing battles, in particular Lancer of Red VS Saber of Black. GodDAMN was that beautiful, on an artistic level alone. So check it out, you might enjoy it. To be fair it’s not that much of a more clusterfuck then the main Fate series.

Subs by UTW, of course.
If you want the Netflix subs then download this and stick it in the same folder.

elDLIVE (Series rating: 5/10)