Monday, October 14, 2019

Sword Art Online - Alicization (Series rating: 9/10)

After a dreadful encounter with a member of Laughing Coffin, Kirio awakens in another world with no memories of his previous life. He leads a happy childhood with his two friends, Alice and Eugeo. But when the Integrity Knights, the force that protects the land from the darkness hordes, come take Alice way, Kirito and Eugeo swear that they will one day bring her back. The only way to do so is to enroll in the knight academy and become Integrity Knights themselves. But little do they know of the darkness that awaits them. Perhaps it is not the hordes that are the biggest threat to this world.Back in our world, Asuma manages to find Kirito and learn about the world he is in in right now, though in mind only: Underworld.
We’re back with more SAO. And let me tell you… DAMN. I loved this season. I was never a big fan of SAO, but it slowly grew on me. Alicization though, is fantastic. Sure, it’s still a wish fulfillment fantasy, but the directing is absolutely to notch. Be warned, there is an attempted rape scene in the first half. It was very hard to watch. Everything was set up perfectly and you felt like you were there, so much so that I was yelling at the screen. The final battle of the series was also amazing, but so were the other battles before it. You can tell they are bringing their A-game for their cash making franchise.
Subs are from MTBB. I’m only using one subtitle track and it’s not the one with honorifics. Personal choice. Feel free to bitch about it the comments.
PS: I just love that the people from Ocean Turtle are working 25 hours a day to create a real sentient AI when Kayabe made one by freaking accident. Kikouka will probably bang his head on a wall for days if he meets Yui.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Love Tyrant (Series rating: 6.5/10)

Seiji is just your average high school boy. He has a bratty little sister, a crush on Akane, the most beautiful girl in school, and no idea how to confess to her. One day a strange girl rings at his door proclaiming to be an angel. Seiji, of course, dismisses the weirdo, but said weirdo simply phases through the door and comes in anyway. Turns out Guri actually is an angel, and she has with her the powerful Kiss Note. If two people have their names written together in the Kiss Note, they will kiss and be bound together forever. Naturally, Seiji wants to trick Guri into writing his name alongside Akane’s name in the notebook. Well… be careful what you wish for.

So this is new and improved version of my previous red upload. The improvements are as follows:
  • encoded from the BDMVs
  • smaller file size
  • less color banding
  • scans included
I quite enjoyed this series, even if it doesn’t make much sense. It’s a wacky adventure all the way to the end. I found myself really liking Guri. While she is RELENTLESSLY annoying, she is amazingly sweet when she’s serious. I also found her much prettier then Akane, to be honest. Then again, I just don’t like that type of character at all to begin with. Hope you enjoy.
Subs from Horrible-Subs.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Kenja No Mago (Series rating: 6,5/10)

When a young man is hit by a truck and killed he is then reborn in another world, because of course he was. He is found by the most powerful wizard in the world and raised by him as his grandson. Merlin, because of course that’s his name, names the baby Shin and teaches him all about magic. Shin’s memories of his past world help him do impossible things with magic by applying science to them, because of course they do. He is sent to the city to join the magician academy, because of course there is one. While Shin learned a whole lot about magic from Merlin, Merlin forgot to teach him something important: some goddamn common sense. So Shin’s falling in love with the first beautiful girl he sees, launches nukes like it’s a basic fireball and pretty much ignores the laws of magic because he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to be ABLE to do those things. A sad thing for the demonized people who want to destroy the kingdom, since now they have a magical super-powered idiot they have to deal with.
As you may have noticed, I am an isekai-trash lover. But really, this anime comes off as a fake isekai, since him being from our world has no real impact. You can replace him knowing about science with him being blessed by mana or something, and it would change nothing. That being said, this show was enjoyable for me. While the story is about as bland as you can get without becoming Cheat Magician, the characters are a joy. Shin’s jealousy is fun to watch because he’s so earnest he can’t hide it. I found it funny how Sicily just has to look at a guy and he immediately falls in love with her like she’s made of pheromones. Merlin and Melida are great and I wish they would have been in the show more. I did actually really enjoy the final arc because it gave all the kids a change to shine, and not just have Shin curb-stomp everyone. Hell, even Sicily had a really cool scene, and she’s a healer. All in all, you can actually do a lot worse then Kenja No Mago. Special props for the ending of episode 12: it’s very easy to make a clip-show and put it to music, but it’s pretty damn hard to showcase the whole series, have it make sense AND time it to the music so it actually looks exciting. Well done, Silver Link.
Subs from neko-raws.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Joshikausei (Series rating: 8/10)

Futo Momoko, Furui Mayumi and Shibusawa Shibumi are best friends. They spend every day together.
There’s not much to say about this anime (get it?). It’s a “silent” show. Nobody speaks and everything is shown. There is a single line of dialogue in its entire run. It’s just 12 sweet stories about 3 girls having fun. Have fun with them.
Subs by Horrible-Subs.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Egao No Daika (Series rating: 4/10)

!!! ATTENTION!!!This release was NOT directly encoded from a BDMV, but from 1080p raws. Should BDMVs for this show be released I am more then willing to do another release. However, this is still better then the current HDTV rips that are available.
The Kingdom of Soleil is a happy place, where the reigning princess spends her days trying to grow sunflowers. Everyone is happily awaiting her coming of age ceremony without a care in the world. It’s a perfect place to live. Or so Princess Yuuki thinks. In reality the Kingdom is at war with the Grandiga Empire, and things are not going to well. The the parliament decided to not inform the princess of the ongoing war as to not cause her upset. But some things cannot be hidden forever, and she will have to learn to deal with the horrors of war.
Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Not only that, but the show had the balls to do something most shows don’t dare. So, of course, after such a daring move we were just waiting for the next big twist. And we waited, and waited, and then the show was over. Yup… this was a complete cock-tease. We were left waiting for events that should have happened but did not happen. Does not help that we spend most of the show with the soldiers from the EMPIRE. Coupled with the sheer incompetence of the Kindom and the absolute stupidity of the Princess in charge (who was built up as a strategic prodigy in the first episode), and a total ass-pull of an ending brought about by the most obvious of twists makes this show a total disappointment. So why am I releasing a BD of it? Because if I had to put up with this shit, then you have to put up with this shit.
Subs by Horrible-Subs.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Katry's Mystery Solving Files (Series rating: 7/10)

!!! ATTENTION!!!This release was NOT directly encoded from a BDMV, but from 1080p raws. Should BDMVs for this show be released I am more then willing to do another release. However, this is still better then the current HDTV rips that are available.

Although Professor Layton is currently missing the Layton Detective Agency is still active in London? The one running it is Layton’s daughter: Katrielle. She may not be AS brilliant as her father but she is still an incredible detective, ready to solve any crime. Especially is it involves cake, or dresses, or a restaurant. Yes, Katrielle is a bit of a glutton. And a tad lazy sometimes. Join her, her assistant Noah and talking dog Sherlo, as they solve mysteries and crimes in good old London.
A very sweet and easy-going show. The mysteries are nothing to write home about but they are bound to put you in a good mood, as many of the “antagonists” turn out to be good people trying to help in their own, misguided way. Also, Hanazawa Kana does cute voices for 50 episodes. What more could you want?

Subtitles are as follows:
01-11 = Dreamless
12-50 = Pitohui

Now, about the files:
  1. Episode 00 is not an official episode, just something Pitohui made from the game. I included it because the show assumes you’ve played the game and thus already know who everyone is.
  2. The odd named extra opening and ending files are opening/ending for that particular episode. I included all of them because they each have small differences in audio, and I love Hanazawa’s voice so much that they are all indispensable.
  3. The timing is not perfect. It’s only slightly better then for the HDTV version.
  4. I left the credits form Ayasaki and Pitohui alone. They deserve your thanks for working on this show.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Garo - Vanishing Line (Series rating: 8/10)

Sophie is an orphan looking for her missing big brother. Desperate to find a clue she goes to a famous fortune teller for help. Little did she know that the fortune teller was actually a Horror; a monster born out of evil feelings. As she was about to be devoured by the creature she is saved by a huge, muscular man. He is Sword, one of the few Makai Knights tasked with destroying these abominations. The two form a close bond and travel together to unravel the mystery of Sophie’s missing brother and his connection to El Dorado, a place rumored to be the ultimate utopia.
This is the third series in the Garo - The Animation franchise. I honestly could not stand the first one, Divine Flame. Way too much angst for me. The second was far better, maybe I’ll get around to it someday. But this one is my favorite. Absolutely loved Sword: a hyper-masculine caricature of action heroes, with a big heart. The steak-eating, boob-loving oaf really grows on you as he does his best to help where ever he can. Sophie was great as well, seeing her grow more confident and close to Sword was really sweet. There’s more cool characters but I’ll let you see them for yourself. MAPAA did amazing work with the animation. Sadly, the clean OP and ED are DVD only as they were not found on the BD boxes.
The subtitles are from DDY.