Tuesday, August 13, 2019

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (Series rating: 8/10)

Mikami Satoru was just an ordinary salary man. One day his work colleague invites him into town to meet his girlfriend.Said girlfriend was a famous actress with crazy jealous fans and one of those fans attacks Satoru’s friend with a knife. Satoru takes the hit for him and dies. But as he laid there dying a strange voice stated talking to him. He wakes up having been transported to another world. But not only that, the voice interpreted his dying words as requests. “I’m bleeding so much” meant he wants a body that does not bleed. “I’m so cold/hot” meant he wanted a body that is resistant to temperatures. As a bonus, his remark that he wished he was more aggressive with girls gets him the unique skill “Predator”, which lets him eat and copy the abilities of anything he eats. Put these all together and Satoru is not an overpowered slime monster. Join him as he befriends a dragon, leads a village of goblins and turns the little forests he lives in into a powerful alliance of monsters.

I loved this show a lot. While the OP protagonist has been done to death, this one was a tad more refreshing as the focus wasn’t really on battles. It was more about diplomacy and finding ways not to fight. Sure, there were a lot of cool battles, but the point was never to advance the plot through it. Hell, they even make you feel sorry for a few of the antagonists since at least half of them weren’t really evil. I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you will as well.

The OVA is not included, as there will be another one of those and should be uploaded separately. The subtitles are from Erai.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Bubuki Buranki (Series rating: 10/10)

10 years after the Earth was almost devastated by huge monsters that fell from the sky Kazuki Azuma returns to Japan to search for his mother. He is immediately captured by the rulers of Japan. His mother is considered the witch that almost ended the world and as her son, he is a possible danger. He is rescued by Kogane, an old friend of his and bubuki user. They join with Kinoa, Hiiragi and Shizuru. The four new allies are the children of Azuma’s mother’s friends, and they inherited their parent’s powers. Azuma has inherited something as well: the Heart of Oobu, the strongest of the buranki. With Azuma as the heart and the other four as the limbs they can summon Oobu and battle against the ruler of Japan, the dreaded Banryuu Reoko and her buranki Entei. But all is not what it seems. Why does everyone blame Azuma’s mother? Why can Reoko pilot a buranki by herself? Why are there no other working buranki hearts on Earth anymore? Join Azuma as he tries to find out what exactly happened 10 years ago.
This is one of my personal favorite shows ever. Yeah, it’s all in 3D, but the characters are very expressive and the battles are fantastic. The story is great as well. Take note, anime of today: this is how you write a story. A prequel, a beginning, a small climax in the middle, then you amp things up for the finale, deliver a fantastic ending and finish off with an epilogue. Also loved the characters. Almost all of them get some major development including the antagonists. Could not stand the Russian heart, but in the end he proved he could bee worthy of being a heart. Reoko’s four kinds may seem like standard goons at first but man are they ever not. Special mention of the designs. The bubuki are all unique and the buranki are fantastic. I mean, look at this sexy thing:
This show gets a 10/10 from me. I enjoyed it start to finish. The beginning was a bit slow, but the payoff was more then worth it. Subs from HS.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Series rating: 9/10)

Naofumi is just a regular guy. One day, while reading this weird book in the library he gets transported to an alternate world. He is one of the four cardinal heroes: The Shield Hero.Along with the Sword, Spear and Bow heroes he has to fight the Waves Of Catastrophe. Evil creatures that appear at fixed intervals and kill everything in sight. But that's not the worst part. One day into this adventure and he's accused of raping the princess, thrown out of the castle and left to fend for himself. What's even worse is that he cannot fight. The cardinal heroes can only use their legendary weapon, and his is a shield. A very powerful shield, but a still a shield. So what's an angry hero left to do then buy a slave girl and plot revenge?Ah, Shield Hero. The anime that got tumblrinas panties/briefs in a bunch. See, this show got more flack that Goblin Slayer. While GS was accused of using rape as a shock factor, this promoting rape (somehow), Shield Hero is far worse because it's about a hero who was falsely accused of rape, denied any chance of defending himself all because of an evil woman. And since this never happens in real life (lol), the show is a misogynistic piece of garbage.As for the show... I loved it. Fair warning: if you're looking for a complete emo-hero this is the wrong show for you. Naofumi does start off angry at the world but he mellows out real quick once he buys Raphtalia. Even more so when he gets Firo. The show is pretty well animated and I really enjoyed the battles. Be warned, the other three heroes are complete imbeciles for most of the show, and Melty is the biggest bitch anime has seen in a LONG time.